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From my admin account, I have customized some columns to show in the device list according to our requirements. But every time I create a new admin user, they also have to spend some time in customizing the column to my template. Is there a way to set a default column view for all users on Hexnode?

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  • Hi @Caitilin, Hexnode UEM currently does not have an option to set a default column view for all existing/new technician roles. A newly added technician will also not retain the column customization applied on the Super Admin or any other technician console. By default, the following column will be listed:
    ● Name
    ● User
    ● Model Name
    ● Status
    ● Type
    ● Compliance
    ● Last checked-in
    ● Platform
    ● Battery Level
    ● OS Version

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hello @Jessica-Albert, you may do that by clicking on the edit icon on a list. It will open a small window with all the column attributes you can enable. Mark the column you want to enable and save.

    click on the pen icon to edit the columns in a list

    Note: The columns will appear in the order of selection from left to right, following top to bottom. For the following example, it will follow the order Name, User, Model Number, Compliance, Platform and so on.

    select the column attribute to show on the list from the window that opens

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM