pair with the device window gets blocked

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in kiosk mode, the window that pops up that asks to pair with the device gets blocked from opening

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    Hexnode Support


    Hi, Kyden,

    We already whitelist almost all of the Bluetooth services by default. Now that Bluetooth pairing is blocked on your device, it means the Package name of one or more of your Bluetooth services is not included in our whitelist. If you could check your device’s Bluetooth services apps and add them in the Kiosk policy, pairing should work just fine.

    Here’s a handy app that lets you view the Package names

    Install the app and note down the Package Names of the apps that seem like Bluetooth services. Now,

    1. Add those apps to your App inventory
      1. Go to Admin > App settings > Apps
      2. Click on the Add Apps button and select With Bundle ID
      3. Type in the Bundle ID you have identified for your Bluetooth service
      4. Click Add. It will now be available in your App inventory. Repeat if you have other apps.
      5. Here’s a screencast on adding apps by their Bundle IDsAdd-Custom-App-With-Package-Name
    2. Whitelist it in Kiosk
      1. Go to your Kiosk policy and whitelist the app.
        Here’s the complete Kiosk guide
    3. Hide the app icon
      There is no reason to keep the Bluetooth services app within the Kiosk. You should consider hiding the app icon.

      1. Here’s a help article on hiding the apps from the Kiosk screen
        Once you’re done, Save the Kiosk policy.

    The updated policy will be pushed to the device and you should have no trouble pairing with other Bluetooth devices.

    Thanks and regards
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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    This is due to some recent updates that we have made. To add apps using Bundle ID, please navigate to Apps-> +Add Apps-> With Bundle ID. Enter App Name, Bundle ID and select a category. Click Add.

    Please find the updated screencast on adding apps using Bundle ID:

    The app can now be added to the Kiosk policy and pushed to the devices. If you do not want the app to be displayed on the Kiosk screen, you can add the application as a Background App.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM