get out of single app kiosk when internet is cut

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Device: ios devices
We recently setup our iphones with the autonomous kiosk mode to run a single app. So that users can sign out of the app and use the device freely if they need to. But recently we were experiencing cuts in the wifi and the devices would loose connectivity. These internet cuts lasts only for a small period of time. I wanted to know if I deploy the autonomous mode and the internet gets cut off, will that automatically sign out of the.

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @silas,
    Welcome to the Hexnode community.

    Supervised iOS devices can be released from the autonomous kiosk mode by signing out of the application. Since the session is started and stopped locally on the device, it does not necessarily require an internet connection. Though it is the expected behavior of the autonomous kiosk mode, it might also change depending on the app in use. Kindly note that the app must be custom-developed to make an API call to exit the kiosk mode.

    Hope that helps with your query.
    Johan Blake
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