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I use Hexnode to push web clips that redirects to Safari to a private website for my team’s iPads. However we want the webclips to use Chrome to open as we have found some issues with safari. I do not wish to change the default browser to chrome. Is there a way for web clips to redirect to Chrome without changing the default browser?

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    Hey @kaden

    This has been a recurring issue among many of our customers. Lucky for you, the solution is very simple. To open a web clip using Google Chrome, use the prefix: “googlechrome://” or “googlechromes://” instead of “http://” or “https://” while uploading the web clip in the Hexnode UEM portal. For example, “googlechrome://”. That’s all it takes.

    Here’s a link to our help document on creating web clips on iOS to answer any other questions you may have. We hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further queries.


    Patrick Zimmerman
    Hexnode UEM