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Tryin’ to get a device enrolled in DEP. Device raises ‘network connection lost’ error. Yet, it is listed in under DEP devices on portal. Wondering why.

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    In my understanding, device’s remote management is already pushed. While dealing with network connection lost error we tested with different networks thinking it was the network that caused the issue. Finally, a device reset worked.

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    Catherine George


    Thanks for reaching out @Karlijn,

    When the device is not connected to a network during Setup Assistant, it fails to check in with Apple. However, since the device is already listed under DEP Devices, it has checked in with Apple and synchronized with the Hexnode server.

    A device reset can help you. So, when the device is turned on the next time, it reloads the DEP Configuration profile associated with it. Ultimately, the device re-enrolls in the portal provided it has an active internet connection.


    When you are sure the device is already in the enrolled state and has a network connection, a device reset can help you deal with the ‘Network Connection Lost” error. (The enrolled state of the device can be verified if it is listed under Manage > Devices on the Hexnode portal.)

    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM