Multiple Phone enrollment, download data once?

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We have to enroll 1000’s of devices in remote areas of the world where there would be enough bandwitdh to connect to the hexnode servers and authenticate etc … but not enough to download gigs of data for each phone !

Is there such a thing as downloading the content once, then using a staging server (local NAS) or memory cards ?

Anything that does not download the same data again and again…



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  • Hello @ralph-lemarechal, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    We would like a few clarifications. By ‘content’, are you referring to downloads required for enrollment? Or apps and other files to be downloaded post enrollment?
    Additionally, could you specify the platform of your devices and the enrollment method used? This information will help us provide better guidance.

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hey @ralph-lemarechal

    Quick question, could you tell me what data usages are you concerned of? Is it installing the Hexnode Android app to enroll the devices, instaling your business critical apps on enrolled devices or are you planning to drop some large files with file management?