Moving from WS1 to Hexnode with personal icloud accounts

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We have a Workspace One deployment of about 100 devices in which the users are essentially using personal icloud accounts but with our corporate domain name. I do not wish to move to managed Apple ID at this time. I need to migrate all of these devices to Hexnode with the least amount of user impact. Ideally what I would like to do is factory wipe the device, move the MDM platform in ABM to Hexnode, remove from WS1, restore the device using the user’s icloud back up, and then enroll in Hexnode. The issue is that after I do an icloud restore on a freshly wiped device, it never prompts me again for enrollment even though I have the device showing up in Hexnode DEP with a default profile. The device just restores and shows that its supervised (probably from WS1 at time of icloud backup?) even though its no longer in WS1 any longer. I am looking for a way to migrate all of my user and devices to Hexnode while still allowing them to keep their photos, contacts, sms history, installed apps, with as little impact as possible. Has anyone done this and how did you accomplish it?


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  • Hey Chad,

    Thanks for posting on Hexnode Connect!

    We have recorded your issue. Please answer a few questions to help us understand the issue better:

    1. The device platform and OS version.
    2. The method used for the iCloud backup to get more clarity on your issue.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM