MDM to lock down Android devices into Kiosk mode

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Hi, I am looking for MDM, it will be used in our devices (Android, kiosk) that are being installed in the retail stores nationally. What are the Hexnode MDM capabilities to support this?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Hexnode can lock down the Android devices into a Single App/Multi App kiosk mode.
    You can remotely deploy applications to Android devices using Hexnode. Enterprise apps are deployed to the devices using the APK file or Manifest URL. Web apps have to be first added to the Hexnode repository and then pushed to the devices via Kiosk policy. You can also push apps via Mandatory app policy or Remote Actions. The installation of apps on devices may or may not happen silently. This will depend upon the device, its method of enrollment and the type of application.
    The device screensaver can also be remotely configured using Hexnode.

    You can lock down the devices onto image/video streaming screens by enabling the Digital Signage Kiosk. This will play the media files in loops on the devices. The files can be present on the device or can be pushed to the devices via File Management policy.
    Hexnode will also enable you to set up a website kiosk. This will allow users to access only a set of websites that are whitelisted by the organization.

    You can also create shortcuts for PDF and video files and add them to Android devices in kiosk mode using Hexnode. If the PDF/video files are not already present on the device, you can deploy it to the device via File Management policy.

    Check out our help doc on Android Kiosk for more details.

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    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM