Difference between MDM and UEM

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What is the difference between MDM and UEM?

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    The MDM lets you remotely configure device features, such as encryption, remote lock, VPN, resetting the device, etc as per the organization requirements. The company will only have basic control over employee devices. On the rise of BYOD and COPE, the MDM transformed into EMM, offering a more effective solution. EMM can offer everything the MDM has and more. This includes containerization, management of apps and its content, defining privileges to individuals for accessing corporate data, etc.

    The UEM is an extensive EMM solution that manages all endpoints including smartphones, desktops, mobile devices, IoT devices, printers, etc. UEM has all the features that its predecessors offered along with other important features such as out of box enrolment, that helps the organizations to manage the devices more easily.

    Wanna know more? Kindly have a look at MDM vs UEM.

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