macOS policy for setting the time zone

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the policy is described here:

But in my hexnode the dot “Time Server” is missing in the macos policy.

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Is the manual wrong or what is wrong?

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    Hey there,

    Thank you for reaching out to us! Are you looking for the Time Server settings? Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available at the moment.
    The option you’ve chosen ‘Limit Mac Usage’ is different from ‘Time Server’. ‘Limit Mac Usage’ lets an admin limit access to a user’s Mac device. Admin can disable users from logging into their Mac devices at specified time periods.

    Check out the help documentation to learn more about this feature.


    Hexnode MDM Team

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    Hi ,

    We are still working on it. It might take some time to get it released. Can you please confirm how crucial is this functionality for you ?

    Also, kindly let us know the time line that you are looking at & the number of devices you are planning to manage with Hexnode.

    Please let us know for any help.