License downgrade effect on technicians

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Hi…could our license downgrade have affected number of concurrent admin users to the portal?

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    Thomas Specter


    Hi Bernard,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Hexnode’s licensing scheme defines a specific number of users/ technicians who shall be able to log into the Hexnode account. This number is listed below for each different plan:     

    If your Hexnode plan is downgraded, and the technician count is more than the permitted threshold, you will be given some time to make a payment for the additional technician. You shall be able to purchase just another additional login, for an extra user instead of having to upgrade your current plan.

    You can choose to make this payment, as per your situation, but in-case you wish to proceed sans payment, the latest technician added as per the stack shall be removed. This is applicable to both monthly as well as annual subscription plans in Hexnode.


    Thomas Specter
    Hexnode MDM