device ID is shown differently in Hexnode

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I used the following technique to find the UDID from the device end.

  1. Go to settings for your Mobile device -> About Phone -> Build Number -> Tap 7 times to enable Developer options.
  2. Go to Developer options, under Debugging -> Make sure to enable USB debugging ON.
    Now connect your mobile device (using usb cable) to your PC.
  3. Open Command Prompt and type below command -> adb devices
  4. It shows the list of the devices attached along with the device ID.

But, when I look in the portal, I see something different.

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    Hello Kenji,

    It could be a misinterpretation from your side @Kenji.

    The ADB command retrieves the serial number of the device rather than its UDID. As for the UDID of a device, you may notice variations because it changes when the device is reset. After every factory reset, the Hexnode portal shows the updated UDID for the device.

    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM