Difference between Advanced Kiosk and Basic Kiosk for Android

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Hey! Can you explain me the difference between Advanced Kiosk and Basic Kiosk for Android?

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    Thomas Specter


    Hey Camila,
    Thanks for reaching out to us, we’re always happy to help.

    Features under Basic Kiosk for Android include the ability to configure multiple apps in kiosk mode. This is billed under the Express plan (1.2$/ device/ month billed monthly or 1$/ device/ month billed annually).
    However, under Advance Kiosk for Android you can access the following features: –
    Single App Kiosk – Where you can lockdown to a single app, making it impossible to exit, unless exit settings are configured.
    Background Apps – You can include some necessary system apps or play store apps to facilitate the easy working of apps under lockdown, some of these apps are for example, Camera, Mail, MS Office Apps, etc.) to run/opened in the background. These apps are included to access and generate data in specific file types like images, PDFs, Word/ Excel Sheets etc.
    Launcher – You can configure an app to launch after a specific delay or no delay when kiosk mode is activated. You can also customize your App icon size.
    Peripheral Settings – You can include certain device features to work in kiosk, like basic connectivity settings, flashlight, display settings, hardware button restrictions, app settings etc.
    Kiosk Exit Settings – You can configure ways to exit the kiosk.
    Website Kiosk Settings – You can choose here, how webapps can be opened in kiosk lockdown.
    This is billed under the Pro plan (2$/ device/ month billed monthly or 1.8$/ device/ month billed annually).

    Thomas Specter
    Hexnode MDM