sign in to iCloud almost impossible

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Despite several modifications and changes in settings, the users are unable to log in to their iCloud from the devices. On examining the devices in close proximity, it is evident that only those iOS devices applied with the policies are exhibiting this misbehaviour. As soon as the policies are removed, logging in is trouble-free.

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    Hi @sebastian

    Welcome aboard to the Hexnode Community,

    Difficulties of similar kinds were exhibited only on passcode-enabled iOS devices while applying specific policies such as app whitelisting. We could understand that certain bundle identifiers are also restricted during whitelisting on verification. However, we find it impossible to sign in even after permitting those necessary system apps via the same policy (Even after we sign in by entering the credentials and completing the two-factor authentication, the Sign in to your iPhone shows up). It seems not to be an issue from our side, and we’ve contacted the Apple team regarding it.

    Until Apple provides an update on this matter, proceed with the following workaround:

    1. Associate the App Whitelisting only after a successful sign-in to the iCloud account on the device.
    2. Or delay passcode set up until the user logs in to the iCloud account.
    3. If feasible, you may also go for blacklisting the unnecessary apps.

    If this is the case, it can help you deal with the situation.


    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM

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    The policies associated are:

    1. Advanced Restrictions
    2. whitelist

    We will opt for blacklisting, since we cannot wait around for the users to complete the sign in before we can apply the passcode policy or whitelist policy.

    Anyways thanks for the response