Install O365 to Desktop OSX and Windows

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Has anyone had any luck pushing full desktop O365 Office to either desktop platform?

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    Jeff Black


    Hi there,

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    You would be able to have the Office 365 apps deployed to your Windows and Mac devices by having them pushed as enterprise apps. If you are able to obtain the complete package of the Office 365 suite, you would have to add the package to your Hexnode portal from Apps > Add apps > Enterprise apps. From here, you can have either the DMG/PKG file (for Mac devices) or the MSI file (For windows devices) uploaded to the portal. You would also have the option to make use of the manifest URL instead.

    We cannot guarantee if a unified package of the Office 365 Suite would be available as this depends on the restrictions set by Microsoft. If you are not able to have the complete package available as a single file, you would have to upload the various Office 365 apps to the Hexnode portal as individual enterprise apps as needed.

    Once this is completed and the apps have been successfully added to your app inventory, you can proceed to set up a mandatory app policy to have the apps deployed to the devices. You can get this done from Policy > Mac/Windows > Mandatory apps > Select the Uploaded package. You can proceed to have the required devices added as policy targets and save the policy.

    When the policy is saved, the installation action shall commence and the time taken would depend on the size of the app and the speed of the internet connection. You would be able to verify whether the app installation is successful from the action history by navigating to Manage > Click on the device name > Action history.

    Here is a link to guide you through the deployment of enterprise apps

    If you are experiencing any difficulty in getting this done, you can reach out to the Hexnode support team directly via and we shall be happy to help you out.

    Stay safe and have a great day!

    Jeff Black
    Hexnode MDM.