installing custom fonts in devices

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I need my employees to have access to certain common fonts when they make special documents. It is very difficult to have these fonts installed on each device one by one. Is there a feature in hexnode where I can do this?

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    I am also looking for a similar feature actually… For presentations I want my team to use the same set of fonts. For now I am getting the IT dept install these fonts on each of the macs (big sur). Honestly its quite a waste of time. It’d be great if you could suggest a workaround for this…

  • Hello folks,
    @johan Before providing a solution, I will need more information. Could you please gather details of the OS and version of the device for me?

    @teo You’ve got nothing to worry about! With the Execute custom script action Hexnode offers, you can easily run a simple command to install fonts (either of the font types, True Type Fonts -TTF or Open Type Fonts -OTF) to Font Book in Macs. In our Sample Script Repository, we offer Bash Scripts that make the font available to current users, newly created users or all users.

    Hope you’ve found what you were looking for!
    Check out Script to install Fonts in Font Book to learn more.

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hey we use iphones and macs at our place mostly. iphones are mostly above 13.0 and macs are above catalina. The solution for macs u suggested for @teo worked well for us, could u also suggest a way to do this in iphones? Then we’ll be sorted.

  • Hi @johana, Great to hear our solution for Macs worked for you!

    For iOS devices, you can add custom fonts via policy by following the steps below:

    1. Navigate to Policies > New Policy.
    2. Go to the iOS tab. Under Configurations, select Fonts and click Configure.
    3. Click on +Add Font to see the following options:
      Font name – Enter the name of the Font
      Font type – Click on Choose File to upload the font (Supported formats: OTF and TTF) from your system.
    4. To associate the policy with your devices, navigate to Policy Targets > Devices > +Add Devices. Choose the target devices, click OK. Click Save.

    Once the policy is applied to the devices, users can view the added fonts under Settings > General > Device Management > Hexnode MDM > More Details > Font.

    Please note that the added font types are available only for managed apps on iOS devices.

    Hope this answer suits your requirements.

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM