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Is there a way to add some identifier for Apple TV devices. We use multiple apple tv for our programs and users are assigned a device for the duration of the program. Now, we just stick a paper with some number and we direct users to their allocated apple tv. Any feature to help users identify their allocated apple tv on their own. Something like a name display we can set up from Hexnode?

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    Zach Goodman


    Hi @Isabis, I have a few features in mind for your requirements. Just consider if these fits your use case.

    1. Rename device
      Before you begin, if you would like to group your devices, you can do so by creating device groups from Manage > Device Groups > New Group/New Dynamic Group.

      To rename a group of devices,
      1. Go to Manage > SelectDevices or Device Groups.
      2. On the device list, mark the devices you would like to rename.
      3. Click on Actions > Rename Device.
      4. Add an appropriate device name.

      You may make use of wildcards to name a device according to their properties like device name, user name, OS version, etc. You may also append a number in the end. This will rename all the devices uniquely following to the set specification.

      Note: The device name cannot exceed 63 characters.

      To view the device name on an Apple TV device, navigate to Settings > General > About.

    2. Conference Room Display (CRD)
      The Conference Room Display mode allows administrators to display custom messages on monitors with Apple TV. With Hexnode UEM, you can configure CRD for your Apple TV devices; the device will display the AirPlay connection details including the Device name and a custom message. (The device name will be shown under ‘CHOOSE THIS APPLE TV’ on the CRD floating note.)

      You can configure a policy with the CRD payload from Policies > New Policy > Apple TV > Conference Room Display. However, the device will remain in CRD mode unless the policy is disassociated from these devices. Also, you might be required to restart the device after the policy has been disassociated.

      Note: If you would prefer a setup where the users can turn off the conference room display by themselves. You’ll need to configure the following settings manually on each of the Apple TV devices –
      1. Navigate to Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit > Conference Room Display. This will open up the settings for CRD.
      2. Turn on CRD and configure the settings as per your conditions.
      3. You may also set a custom message for your organization or set a different background photo for the device from here.

      Also, CRD will be automatically activated on the device when the screensaver starts. (To view the Screen Saver settings, navigate to Settings > General > Screen Saver.) Here, to turn off CRD, the user simply has to tap the Menu button on the TV remote.

    3. Hope this helps.
      Zach Goodman
      Hexnode UEM

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