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ID for Apple Push Notification ServiceSolved

6 years ago

I am trying out the service and I am working enrolling an iOS phone through Apple Push Notification Service. It is asking me for an apple ID. Should the apple ID be one generic one that i create for the company or should it be my personal apple id? also if it is my personal id, will this prompt staff to use their personal as well?

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Hexnode Expert
6 years ago
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Hey Becca, well it is always advisable to have a single generic Apple ID for the company, if you or another admin does not have access to these credentials while renewing the APNS certificate, the user would have to re-enroll all the devices.

The Apple ID is mainly used to push apps from the store to the device, VPP can be used to push apps directly to the devices.

When admin tries to push an app without the VPP, the user would be prompted to enter the Apple ID to log into the App store, in such cases a personal ID or a company shared ID can be used.

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