How to use kiosk mode along with web clips?

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Hello all,

We’ve assigned new iPhones to employees who’ve been with the company for a long time. But as these are corporate-owned devices, we had to implement strict restrictive policies on them. We generally use Multi-App Kiosk mode on these devices so that only enterprise applications will run. However, we need to add a few more websites to this kiosk. Currently, I see that we cannot add web clips along with the kiosk. These websites are required to process the projects our organization handles, and it will be of great help to our employees if they could access these websites on the go. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

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  • Hello @Kipp,

    That post did catch my eye, but the problem is that blocklisting is a huge task, as there are a large number of applications available, and we can’t keep track of all of them. We are basically looking for a way to allowlist web clips using Hexnode.

  • Hello @abbi,

    I’m sorry, but Apple currently does not support adding web clips in kiosk mode. However, I can suggest a workaround where you can deploy web clips along with the allowlisted applications. This can be achieved with the help of the “allowListedAppBundleIDs” payload. When the “allowListedAppBundleIDs” payload is used in a configuration profile with the bundle identifier “”, it allows all web clips to be added to the iOS device.

    Here is a sample configuration profile:

    The above configuration profile allows the ‘Safari (’ and ‘Calendar (’ applications, in addition to the default allowlisted applications ‘Phone’ and ‘Settings’. You can customize the list of applications that need to be allowlisted on the device by using their bundle IDs and adding them to the list. When you deploy this configuration profile along with a Web Clips policy, the web clips will be added to the device along with the allowlisted applications. Users can access the web clips and the applications specifically allowlisted in the configuration profile. You can deploy this custom configuration profile using Hexnode’s Deploy Custom Configuration feature.

    If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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