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Have a quick question regarding kiosk mode in Android. We are making an app where one particular operation involves redirecting to the system dialer. If we want to keep this functionality of the app in kiosk we figured, we’d have to add the Phone system app too in Kiosk. Has anyone tried adding system apps in Kiosk?

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    Zach Goodman


    Hello @Betty, that’s a good question. On your Hexnode policy, you may also add system apps for the kiosk mode. Now, different manufacturers provide different dialer apps. For Android One phones, Google provides the Phone app, which is also available on the Google Play Store. Suppose the dialer app on your phone is available on the Google Play Store. In that case, it is recommended to add the app into the Hexnode App Inventory, to make identifying the app easier while adding in the policy.

    However, suppose the dialer app is not listed on the Google Play Store but is present on the target device. In that case, you may note the app identifier on the portal by going to Manage > Devices > [Select your device] > Applications and searching the dialer app there. If the column for the identifier is not shown, click on the pencil icon towards the rightmost end and enable Identifier from the column view window. Once we have added the app in App Inventory or noted down the app identifier, there are a couple of ways to achieve your use case –

    Case 1: Multi App Kiosk – Main app and the dialer app in kiosk launcher

    Hexnode’s Multi App Kiosk allows you to select and add apps on the App Inventory or the Public Store to the Kiosk Launcher. You may add the following types of apps – Enterprise apps, Managed Google Play apps, Web apps, System apps and Store apps. Search for your app along with the dialer app and add it on the Multi App Kiosk mode.

    You may search for the apps by their name or app identifier. If the app is not found on the Hexnode App Inventory, it will turn up as a local app.

    Case 2: Single App Kiosk – Main app with dialer app enabled as Background App

    Hexnode’s Single App Kiosk locks down the device to a single app. Add your app in the Single App Kiosk and add the dialer app as a Background App. Background apps don’t show icons on the kiosk launcher screen and can be opened when called by the foreground app or system intent in Single App or Multi App Kiosk.

    Case 3: Multi App Kiosk – Main app and other apps with dialer app enabled in Background App

    If you require the addition of multiple apps or even file shortcuts on the kiosk launchers, you can add the apps in Multi App kiosk. Then, add the dialer app as a background app.

    Further reference – Kiosk mode for Android – Complete Guide

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

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    Thats an excellent answer @Zachgoodman. I think case 2 would work perfectly for us. I’ve seen the background app section in the kiosk settings but was passing on it for quite some time; now I feel this was the missing piece in the puzzle we’ve been searching for. Thank you!