Using VPN (OpenVPN app) over Android handheld (Zebra) with Kiosk Mode enabled

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I need to deploy a couple of handhelds in kiosk mode, but a VPN connection is essential. Previously we used OpenVPN, and it works fine without kiosk mode, but now that we enabled kiosk mode (multi app), each time we open the OpenVPN app and turn the switch on (connect to VPN) and then go back to the kiosk mode home screen, the VPN turns off automatically.

Is there a way to use our VPN app (OpenVPN) in kiosk mode (multi app) while keeping the connection turned on?

Our environment is:
* handheld Zebra TC21
* Android 10
* Kiosk mode (Multi App)
* Currently we have Enterprise plan

Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

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  • Hexnode

    Ethan Miller


    Hi @Antonio,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Please navigate to Admin tab > General Settings > Data Restriction (Android) and enable Prompt to activate VPN and Prompt to activate VPN while in kiosk. This should prevent the VPN from turning off automatically when the app is quit. Also, ensure that OpenVPN app settings are properly configured. Data Restriction option is available under Ultimate and Ultra plans.

    Hope this meets your requirement.

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM