How to remove pre-approved device from dynamic group?

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Our organization has added 40 macOS devices as pre-approved in a dynamic group. As the devices were indented for employees, a policy to restrict their usage was associated with the dynamic group.

Now, around 5 devices are being temporally assigned to Management directors. They require higher level of device access. So, the policy needs to be removed from them until they are re-assigned to employees.

Any help on this would be much appreciated…

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey @mees,
    Thanks for reaching out!

    It would be helpful if you could mention the attributes that you wish to use while distinguishing these 5 devices.

    For instance, you can use various attributes specific to each device to add exceptions to the dynamic group. It can help you remove the necessary devices from the dynamic group. If the devices are enrolled, you can easily find this information from the Device Summary page.

  • Well, that’s fine!

    Here, as I mentioned earlier, you can add exceptions to this dynamic group to remove devices with the specified serial number.

    1. Navigate Manage > Device Groups.
    2. Select the dynamic group you created.
    3. Go to Criteria > Add Exceptions.

    The devices that fulfil the criteria specified in the Add Exceptions option will be excluded from the dynamic group.

    Since you wish to filter your macOS devices using serial number, against the Select column group – Select column – Select comparator – Filter, specify Device info – Serial number – Is – enter serial number. You can add the serial numbers one after the other using the + button.

    After configuring the exceptions, choose the Preview option. The Preview option lists out devices that satisfy the exception conditions. Ensure that all the necessary devices are removed. Finally, select the Save Group.

    Please note that if a device is excluded from a dynamic group, all the policies associated with that dynamic group will be removed from that device.

    Check out our help doc on dynamic group and automation to know more.

    Hopes this answers your query.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM