How to power off iOS devices in single app kiosk mode

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Hey all. We have few ipads that are DEP enrolled and put into single app kiosk mode. These devices are used only occasionally for specific purposes, so we need to power them off when not in use to save battery. Holding down the power button doesn’t seem to work. Tried holding down the power button + home button and the device goes into reboot. Didn’t find any settings to enable this option or am I missing anything here?

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    Chris Wheeler


    Hey, @jay-morris. Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Unfortunately, there is no option to allow users to power off iOS devices in single app kiosk mode. You can configure only the following settings in single app kiosk mode as supported by Apple’s MDM protocol:

    • Disable touch
    • Disable device screen rotation
    • Disable volume buttons
    • Disable ringer switch
    • Disable sleep wake button
    • Disable auto lock
    • Enable VoiceOver
    • Enable Zoom
    • Enable invert colors
    • Enable AssistiveTouch
    • Enable speak selection

    Make sure that the Disable sleep wake button option is unchecked so that users can put the devices to sleep when not in use.

    Please note that you can manually power off iOS devices in multi-app kiosk mode, unlike single app kiosks.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM