Hexnode Kiosk – it is possible for someone to exit out of the Hexnode MDM app?

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Hi, I am using hexnode to lock down a tablet in kiosk mode. The bottom menu wont retract so it is possible for someone to exit out of the app. How can I change the time taken for tablet to reload the app once it has been exited please?

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    Hi, Ash.

    You can hide the navigation bar and change the app re-launch delay as well. By the way, even if the users exit the app, they are still within the Kiosk launcher. This way, you can allow multiple apps within the Kiosk mode.

    Hiding the navigation bar

    1. You can hide the navigation button on Samsung safe and rooted devices. Check out this post for detailed steps.

    Changing the app re-launch delay

    1. You can set a default app to auto-launch itself when the user has exited to the Kiosk mode. This is particularly useful when you want a specific app to be always active on the device. Have a look at this help article to know all about setting an app to auto launch.

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