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Is there any way in the Hexnode interface, to hide the triangle, circle, square menu at the bottom of an Android tablet?  It would be really handy if we could and I wasn’t sure if that was capable with your software.

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    You can hide them on your Samsung SAFE supported tablets. If you have a generic Android tablet, you should have it rooted or have the Hexnode MDM app flashed as a system app. Here’s how you can set the navigation bar to be hidden.

    Log on to your Hexnode MDM portal,

    1. Go to Policies
    2. Create a new policy or you can edit any policy you have assigned to the tablets
    3. Under Android Settings select Advanced Restrictions
    4. Click Configure
    5. Under Display Settings, check Hide System Bar
    6. If it’s an existing policy, click Save to have the new policy pushed to the assigned devices
    7. If it’s a new policy, go to Policy targets and select the devices or a device group
    8. Now Save the policy

    The tablets will have their navigation keys hidden, as soon as the policy is pushed.

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