Feature Request: Better Release Management for Enterprise Apps

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We’re starting to have a bunch of problems around rolling out our Enterprise app. We have users globally and they get kicked out of the tasks that they’re doing when we roll out updates. We’d like a way to schedule these updates depending on the Geo of the device (so that everyone can get updates at night).


Also, having better release management features, like Beta/Staging/Production. So we can move the same APK through different stages of the release process.

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    Eva Tyler


    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion!

    Time-based policies which would be soon implemented within the Hexnode platform would enable you to schedule the actions so that they are implemented at the exact time set by the Admin.

    You can expect to see this feature within the Hexnode portal in the near future ?

    With Geofencing, the Admin can create a virtual fence that allows applying policies based on the position of the device – inside or outside the fence.

    Dynamic grouping in addition to Geofence enables to get a dynamic behavior as per the criteria set for the group so that devices get added/removed from the group as they move in/out of the fence. As the devices get added to the dynamic group, the policies applied to the device group gets associated with the device.

    You would be able to upload different versions of the same Enterprise to the Hexnode app’s inventory. Just navigate to Apps tab > Search for the app if already added/add the app from Add apps > Enterprise app. You would be able to upload the APK and deploy them to the devices.

    The app name and app description can help distinguish between the different versions. We do have a feature on the roadmap that enables you to add tags like alpha, beta for the apps that you upload to the Hexnode portal. However, at a time, only one version of the app can be installed on the devices.

    To know more on distributing Enterprise app, check out: https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/distribute-android-enterprise-apps/ 

    Refer https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/how-to-silently-install-applications-in-android-devices-using-hexnode-mdm/ to know more how the apps can be installed silently on the Android devices.

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM