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Error Authentication ( credential used for autentication belongs to a differentSolved

2 years ago

Hello Community!

I have this error when i try to enroll windows devices :

Authentication error! The credential used for authentication belongs to a different user. Please check the assigned user and retry.


This happen when i try to enroll some windows devices. We are suspecting that in one moment they were installed with image ( wrong one with hexnode already installed ). We tried uninstall, remove accounts, try from another local account, change enrollment accounts, etc. Cleaning repositories, temp files, fixing registry problems, etc.

So far nothing works.

Anyone could have some idea about how we could fix this? . In our hexnode management we dont see those serials. But if i download a report with dis-enrolled devices i can check them anyways with different id.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 10.52.03


Thank you for help in advance!

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Hexnode Expert
2 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hello, Welcome to Hexnode Community!

The error you mentioned usually occurs when a device with the same UDID (Unique Device ID) has already been enrolled in the UEM portal. The solution to this problem has been explained in detail in our troubleshooting guide for Windows device enrollment. Check it out and do get back to us in case of any further queries.

Chloe Edison,
Hexnode UEM