Energy Saver for macOS

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We are back with another exciting update for your macOS fleet!

With macOS Energy Saver you can configure customized sleep behavior on your users’ devices for improved efficiency and extended battery life. The energy saver settings can be configured for desktops and laptops running on AC and battery power. To get started, head over to Policy > macOS > Configurations > Energy Saver.

Here’s a list of everything new with the latest release:

Disable sleep

  • Keeps the device awake at all times by preventing the device from going to sleep.

Prevent temporary FileVault key storage during standby

  • In FileVault enabled devices, when the device is on standby, prevents the device from storing a temporary FileVault key in the System Management Controller or RAM.

Automatically startup on power loss

  • Automatically restarts the device when the power is restored after a brief power failure.

Idle timeout for system sleep

  • Duration of inactivity before the system sleeps. On device wake, the user will have to enter the password to log in to the system.

Idle timeout for display sleep

  • Duration of inactivity before the display sleeps. On device wake, the user can access the device without having to enter the device password.

Idle timeout for disk sleep

  • Duration of inactivity before the disk is put to a low-power state. Users may experience a slight delay in accessing data as it wakes up.

Wake for network access

  • Wakes the device from sleep to handle incoming network requests, such as iMessage and iCloud updates to keep the applications up to date.

To know more about these configurations, feel free to check out or helpdoc on energy saver for macOS. And if you have any queries or suggestions, you can reach out to us anytime by emailing us at or by pinging us here at Hexnode Connect.

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Audrey Black
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