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App Catalog is now also on WindowsSolved

Hexnode Expert
4 months ago

Get ready to rev up your App Management game, cause Hexnode will now support App Catalog on Windows devices as well. From essential tools to productivity apps, App Catalog ensures that your users have access to all the apps they need without compromising on device security.

And with the latest addition to your MDM toolkit, you can enjoy a seamless app management experience across all your Windows devices. To get started, head over to Policies > Windows > App Management > App Catalog.

Windows App Catalog

To optimize performance and minimize disruption, the feature will be rolled out in batches. So please hold out a little longer as we get the feature to you. In the meantime, you can check out our detailed documentation.

And if you need any help with the policy configurations or require further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can email us at support@hexnode.com or ping us here at Hexnode Connect. And once you are done with the testing, let us know what you think of this feature 😉

Best Regards,
Audrey Black
Hexnode UEM

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