Disabling status bar functioning differently in Android 11 & 12

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We applied the same policy on our Android 11 and 12 devices, a single app kiosk policy unchecking ‘enable status bar’ in peripheral settings. But it is being disabled only in Android 11 while it is still accessible in Android 12. What could be the issue?

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    yu yan


    I’ve been facing a similar issue. It’s a real bummer not to be able to experience the beauty of the entire screen. Still searching for a way to hide the status bar, I’m open to suggestions.

  • Hello,

    We understand your concern. This particular issue has been noted in Android 12 devices. However, devices running on Android 12 that are enrolled in Android Enterprise do not exhibit this behavior. So, in the meantime, we recommend enrolling the said devices in Android Enterprise as Device Owner until Android resolves the issue.

    I hope this helped.

    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hey guys, I’m in the same boat. Been so used to having the status bar hidden that I’ve tried multiple ways to find a way to do it on my current android 12 device. Installed multiple apps and tried rooting the device, but nothing seemed to work effectively. So please do share a solution if any of you find one.

  • Hey @corey, you cannot hide the status bar using the Disable status bar option under the Peripheral Settings. However, you can use the Lock task mode to hide and disable the status bar.

    To enable Lock task mode, your devices should be enrolled in Android Enterprise as Device Owner.

    • Once your devices are enrolled, in the Hexnode UEM console, navigate to the Policies tab and create a new Kiosk Lockdown policy or reconfigure an existing kiosk policy.
    • Tap on Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown and configure either Single App or Multi App kiosk mode.
    • Next, choose Peripheral Settings, and under Advanced Lock category, enable Lock Task mode.
    • Ensure that System info under Lock task mode is not checked. This hides and disables the status bar.
    • After enabling the Lock task mode and customizing the available settings under Lock task mode, associate the policy to the target devices.

    Once the policy is associated with the devices, the UI functionalities get disabled and hidden accordingly in the kiosk mode.

    On the other hand, hiding the status bar via Advanced Restrictions without locking down the devices under Kiosk lockdown is supported only in Samsung Knox devices.

    We hope this helps, please reach out to us in case of any further queries.

    With regards,
    Darvin Hudson,
    Hexnode UEM