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what are the options to disable Android Kiosk Mode ?

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    Hi, Scott.

    You can deactivate the Kiosk mode from the Hexnode MDM portal or from the device locally. Here’s how you do it.

    From Hexnode MDM portal,

    1. Delete the Kiosk policy, currently assigned to the device or Remove the device from a group to which the current Kiosk policy is assigned. Kiosk mode will deactivate on the device.
    2. Turn off Kiosk settings in the policy
      1. Go to Management Devices
      2. Click open your device
      3. Now, go to Policies section
      4. Click open your Kiosk policy
      5. Click the Manage button up top and select Modify
      6. Select the Kiosk settings tab
      7. For Android devices, Select Android Kiosk Mode, Select each of the configurations and click the close button (x) to the right
      8. Now Save the policy. Kiosk mode will be turned off
      9. For iOS devices, do the same from iOS Kiosk mode
    3. Disenroll the device to remove all the policy settings pushed by Hexnode MDM, including Kiosk mode.

    From the device,

    1. Have a look at this forum topic for detailed steps on exiting Kiosk mode locally.

    If you want to exit from Kiosk mode, the video below explains how to exit from Kiosk mode.



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    Exiting Kiosk Locally