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how do I exit the kiosk locally if I can’t get back to the desktop? I have tried tapping the screen ten times and doesn’t bring up the password entry

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    Hi Lucas,

    To exit Kiosk mode locally, there’s just the one option, tap on the Kiosk screen ten times within five seconds. Chances are that, even though you had tapped on the Kiosk screen ten times, you might not have done that within a span of five seconds. A few more things to remember when you’re tapping.

    1. Be sure to tap an area of the screen without app icons. Accidentally tapping on an icon would reset the tapping sequence.
    2. Multi-touches count as single taps. Let’s say you do a three-point multi-touch four times so that there have been twelve touches in total, that won’t work, it would count as just four taps.
    3. If you’re on a phone, the best way to tap fast ten times would be to hold the phone with both hands and tap with both thumbs as if you were typing. Since the Kiosk icons are aligned on the screen starting from the top, there would mostly be plenty of space at the bottom, where the keyboard would be, making it easier to mimic the keyboard taps.
    4. If you’re on a tablet, a one-handed tap would be ideal. Hold the tablet with one hand or lay it down and tap with three fingers as if you are rhythmically tapping on the desk.

    Here’s our complete guide on how you can exit kiosk mode on Android. If you still can’t get it to work, just get in touch with our support team. Our agents would be happy to jump in on a call and get it sorted out for you.

    Here is a video which explains how you can exit from Kiosk mode.



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