Difference between enrollment request and self-enrollment

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While trying to enroll a device in Hexnode, I can see two options under Authenticated Enrollment – Enrollment Request and Self Enrollment. What is the difference between the two?

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    Zach Goodman


    Hi @Jessica-Smith, the simple difference between the two modes is –  

    In the case of Enrollment Request, 

    1. A custom password will be generated for local users for enrollment. 
    2. You can send the enrollment request in the form of mail or SMS. 

    In the case of Self Enrollment, 

    1. The user can directly use their directory or local credential stored on Hexnode for enrollment. 
    2. The user need not get an enrollment request to enroll. 

    Note: If you select both the modes and also send the enrollment request to a user. The user may enroll using both passcodes – the one set in the portal and the one sent with the enrollment request. 

    To add or view the local users eligible for self-enrollment, you can navigate to Enroll > All Enrollment > Self-Enrollment – Local. To create a new user, click the Create a new user button. To view the password for a user, select the view icon to the right of the user row. To edit the password for a user, select the user(s) by marking them on the checkbox to the left of the user row and click Change password. You may set a single password for multiple users by selecting multiple users in this step.  

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM 

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