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I manage multiple devices at remote customer locations where each day the customer’s employees grab one device from a pool of phones. I would like to know if you could implement a check in pass code that allows access and identifies the user. We would need to provide which users are assigned to which pass code.

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Please specify if any of your devices run in Kiosk mode and kindly let us know how many devices and what type of devices (i.e., iOS or Android) are you planning to manage so that we can do the needful at the earliest.

    Jane McLaren
    Hexnode MDM

  • Hexnode



    Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    Currently we do not have a mechanism for check-in pass code in the devices.
    However, as a workaround you can try ‘change owner’ option in the portal where you can assign the device to the user who will be using the device.

    Every device enrolled in Hexnode MDM has a unique device ID. To make the device ID visible in the Kiosk launcher, kindly navigate to:
    Policies –> Select your kiosk policy –> Kiosk Lockdown –> Android Kiosk Lockdown –> Peripheral Settings –>check ‘Show device and server information’ -> Save the policy.
    Once this is done, you can open the peripheral settings from the device in kiosk mode.
    Additionally, in the same page, you can check ‘Triple tap on the top-right corner of the screen to show device and server details option’ and you will be able to view the device info by triple tapping at the top right corner of the screen. (Available only for Android version below 8.0).

    On getting the device ID, you can proceed to changing the ownership of the device, with the respective user in Hexnode portal.
    For changing the owner, kindly navigate to:
    Manage –> Devices –> Select your device –> Change owner –> Select the domain and the User –> Assign.

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM