Re-enroll a device without loosing its data from the portal

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I have a few devices which need not be managed for a couple of weeks. Later on, I need them to be enrolled back into my portal. Is there any possible way so the device data is not being lost from my portal?
Thanks in advance.

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for posting the query.

    In case the Hexnode MDM agent has been removed from the device, and the device details/device entry is not yet removed from the portal, you can choose how the device is to be re-enrolled on the portal.
    Please navigate to Admin–>Enrollment–>Re-enrollment options–>Retain configurations and change owner. When this option is enabled and a device is re-enrolled, it will retain all the configurations. The ownership will be assigned to the new user to whom the device is assigned.
    If the device is dis-enrolled from the portal, no configurations will be retained when it is re-enrolled.
    Also, the ‘complete device report’ or ‘granular reports based on any action’ of a dis-enrolled device can be found in the ‘Reports’ tab.
    Kindly navigate to Reports–> Device Reports–>Disenrolled devices. All the disenrolled devices would be listed and you can search for the device through the search bar at top right.
    The device will now get listed along with its details. You get to select what details of a device are to be displayed. You can click on the edit symbol at the top right and enable the checkboxes corresponding to the detail you desire to be shown.
    You can also export these details as a PDF/CSV by clicking on the ‘Export’ button at the top.

    Please use the link for a further reference regarding the same.



    Grace Baker

    Hexnode MDM