Convert macOS DMG files to PKG files

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I try to convert a .dmg file into a .pkg file as it explain on your website. Unfortunately Terminal on my iMac Ventura 13.5.1 says: error: directory “path_to_savedpackage” does not exist for writing “packagename.pkg”

I search on Google but not found any link for this missing.

Any help ?

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  • Hey @cldjr , thank you for reaching out to us.

    You need to provide the actual path to the downloaded .app file and the name with the extension in place of path_to_installedapp/ Similarly, you need to provide the path where you want to save the PKG file on the device with a preferred name with .pkg as extension for the file in place of path_to_savedpackage/packagename.pkg.

    For example,

    Hope this helps!


    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM