Cisco anyconnect app configurations to set up VPN profiles on iOS

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Is it possible to use the app configuration setting for the cisco anyconnect app from the apps tab to preconfigure a vpn profile on the device? So that when the cisco client app is pushed to the ios devices from the portal, the vpn connection profile gets set up on the devices?

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  • Hey @alfie-richard,

    Thanks for reaching out on Hexnode Connect!

    To configure a Cisco AnyConnect VPN profile on your device, you need not use the App Configuration feature. Instead, you can easily configure a VPN policy and associate it with the target devices.

    Please note that for third-party VPN connections, including Cisco AnyConnect, the corresponding VPN apps must be installed on the devices.

    Hope this helps. Do reach out if you have any further queries.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM

  • @_patricia_ No, it’s not possible to push multiple app configurations for the same iOS app using different XML files. Only a single XML file can be deployed at a time. Updating the app configurations with a new XML file will overwrite the settings configured earlier.