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Hi experts, I am trying to figure out diff restrictions for ipads that can be used in an educational setting. Can we spitball some ideas?

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    Hey @ronnie, I recently set up ipads for a school using hexnode. Few of the features I restricted on their devices are camera, safari, iBook store erotica,blacklist entertainment & social media apps like instagram, facebook, youtube, tiktok, etc… restricted install/uninstall apps, used profanity filter, restricted modifying wallpaper.
    Ultimately, ig it depends on the needs of your organization. I think hexnode docs provide a list of all the restrictions that can be applied for ios devices. Check that out and you might be able to better judge if its suitable for you. Good luck!

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    Emma Jones


    Hi @ronnie, as @finn rightly pointed out, it all comes down to the requirements of your organization. However, here are a few features that you can take into consideration while applying restrictions.

    • Camera, FaceTime and Screen capture
    • Safari – Enable Fraud warning, Block pop-ups
    • Explicit content in music, podcast and iTunes
    • iBooks store erotica
    • Limit ad tracking to prevent targeted ads from advertising networks to be displayed to students
    • Set content ratings for movies and TV shows based on your selected region.
    • Hide App Store on the device

    Apart from these basic restrictions, Supervision in iPads unlocks several advanced restrictions that can be managed with a simple checkbox:

    • Restrict Game Center
    • Prevent students from installing configuration profiles and certificates on their devices
    • Deny students the access to erase their devices and reset them to factory settings with ‘Erase Content and settings’
    • Use profanity filter to forbid Siri from using abusive languages
    • Prevent students from enabling their own device restrictions or parental controls by unchecking ‘Modify
    • Restrictions/Screen Time’
    • Restrict ‘Modify Passcode’ to disable users from editing passcode settings
    • Restrict ‘Modify Device name’
    • Restrict ‘Modify Wallpaper’
    • Restrict ‘Install app from App Store’
    • Restrict ‘Remove apps’ or ‘Remove system apps’
    • Restrict apps like Apple Music, iTunes Radio, Podcasts, News
    • Blacklist/Whitelist apps in Policies

    You can also lock down your supervised devices into kiosk mode and configure advanced kiosk restrictions. Check out the iOS kiosk complete guide to learn more.

    Please verify if the restriction/feature supports the version of your OS before applying to the device.

    Do check out iOS restrictions to learn more on the full extent of restrictions that can be applied to your devices using Hexnode!

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM

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