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Can I change the fonts displayed on iPhone via hexnode?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for posting the query.

    Hexnode MDM lets you add a new font, and delete or modify an existing one.

    Kindly follow the below steps to add a new font to iOS devices:
    1.Navigate to the Policies tab
    2. You can either create a new policy by clicking on the ‘New Policy’ button or continue with an existing one.
    3.From iOS settings, select Fonts
    4. Click on the ‘Add Font’ option. You will be asked to select:
    Font name: A name to easily identify the font.
    Choose file: Click on this button to choose a font file from the system
    5. Click add.
    6. Associate targets and save the policy.

    Please use the link for a reference.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM