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Enrollment methods for iOS devicesSolved

5 years ago

I’m wondering what are the ways to add iPhone to MDM. I know, the first is over DEP (when bying devices), 2nd way is using apple configurator. Is there any 3rd way?

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Hexnode Expert
5 years ago
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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

Hexnode has various enrollment methods for iOS devices based on different scenarios. Any of the below enrollment methods can be used based on the requirement.
Enrollment without Authentication: Admin will have to provide the users with an enrollment URL. No other credentials are required.
Email/SMS Enrollment: The user will receive an enrollment request via email or SMS which contains the enrollment URL, username, password and a QR code.
Self-enrollment or Active Directory-based enrollment: The admin will provide the users with the enrollment URL and the user authenticates the enrollment with their Active Directory credentials.
MDM enrollment with Apple Configurator: Configuration profiles have to be created for the iOS devices and added into a blueprint. The blueprint is then applied to the device.
DEP Enrollment: Deploying devices in bulk by automatically applying settings and configurations upon the initial device start-up, making it ready to be used right out of the box.
DEP enrollment using Apple Configurator: With Apple Configurator 2.5 and later, you can add devices running iOS 11 or later to DEP regardless of how or from where it is purchased.

Kindly use the link for further reference.



Grace Baker

Hexnode MDM