Blocking apps in Android devices

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If I blacklist an app, will that stop it from updating or accessing the internet through wifi on a corporate owned Android Enterprise device>

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    Hey, Thanks for posting. Happy to help.

    When the blacklisting policy is applied to an Android device enrolled under Android Enterprise as a Device Owner, the specified apps will get hidden from the device and it cannot be opened. The app will not be able to access the internet and there is no chance for the updation.

    Please use the help link for more info on the Blacklisting feature.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM

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    hey, sharing a doubt. We had deployed an app to our employees on their android phones but it wouldn’t get installed. we’ve associated these policies on their phones now: password, some advanced restrictions, mandatory app, whitelist, wifi and email. the app we pushed was from play store so its probably not any app issue. phone is also properly connected to internet. we haven’t applied kiosk or anything. we’re at loss as to why app isn’t getting installed.

  • Hey there! Thanks for posting on our forum!

    @Zerine, could you please check if you have added the Play Store app in
    the whitelist policy?

    If you are installing a new app when a whitelist policy is active, you need to whitelist both the app to be installed and the Play Store too. This is because when a whitelist policy is applied on the device, all other apps are considered to be blacklisted. This would mean that the Play Store is automatically blocked.
    Once you whitelist the Play Store and the app to be installed, the Play Store will be displayed on the device screen, and as soon as the installation is finished the user will be able to access the newly pushed app too.

    Please check and update if the issue gets solved by doing so.

    Gabriel Galbraith
    Hexnode UEM

  • Great!

    If the users don’t require access to the Play Store, you can remove it from the whitelist policy once the app installation/update is finished.

    Don’t forget to ensure that the Play Store is whitelisted while updating the apps in an active whitelist policy.

    Have a great day!
    Gabriel Galbraith
    Hexnode UEM