Background apps to access camera and gallery

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Hello, I’m just setting up a new portal. I need several background apps to be present so that the gallery and camera etc will work, however they dont seem to be present when searching in Background App search.

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    Hello Adam! Usually the Bundle IDs should be automatically fetched for most of the apps, however if you find it missing which could happen in the case of system apps you can add them manually to your app inventory, so it would show up in the list of apps to choose from.

    Just navigate to
    Apps > Add Apps > With Bundle ID

    The apps you require (Camera, Gallery) are system apps, so it would not be shown on the play store, to get the Bundle ID you have to navigate to the app settings on the device and then find the package names.

    Alternately, to find the Bundle ID, you can search in the Play store for apps that list the package names for the apps installed on the device.

    Oh, and in case of store apps, the Bundle ID can be found at the end of the URL on the app’s play store page.


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