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Automatic OS Install?Solved

1 year ago

Wanted to upgrade the OS version of our organization’s macOS devices to the latest one. Is there a way to automatically download and install the version without the need for interaction from our endpoints?


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Hexnode Expert
1 year ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hey @alondra, you’d be happy to know that we don’t just provide one but three methods to update macOS devices remotely through Hexnode UEM portal.

Method 1:

Create a new policy from Policies > New Policy and go to macOS > Security > OS Updates and click Configure. From the dropbox for ‘Choose your OS update settings’ select Download and Install. Select the policy targets and deploy the policy by clicking on Save.

This feature is available only for the Ultra subscription.

Method 2:

Via Remote Actions. Navigate to Manage > Devices and select the device/device group. Click on Actions drop-down and select Update OS. Selecting Download and Install option ensures that software updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

This feature is available only for the Ultra subscription.

Method 3:

Custom scripts for initiating the upgrades can be deployed to the endpoints using the Execute custom script action. Refer to this doc for further explanation:

In case of any confusion regarding the above-mentioned methods, feel free to reach out.

Julian Refn
Hexnode UEM