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Hi guys,
Im a newly appointed technician to handle the devices and im having trouble assigning an already existing mac on the portal to a different user. All devices were enrolled and assigned to respective users by the previous technician. Is there any way I can remotely assign the device to a new user…

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @caoimhe,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    The two methods for reprovisioning a Mac to be assigned to a new user through the Hexnode portal are listed below.

    1. Wipe device and change user – To remotely wipe a device with Hexnode UEM, head over to Manage > Devices > select the target device > Actions > Wipe Device. The wipe action will automatically disenroll the device from the portal. If the device is DEP enrolled and the Enroll devices in MDM option is enabled in the default DEP configuration profile that is associated with your device, it will automatically get enrolled to the assigned user during device restart. On non-DEP devices, once a remote Wipe Device action is initiated, the device will be disenrolled from the portal and needs to be manually re-enrolled. Later, assign the device to the new user using the Change Owner action.
    2. Change user – You can assign an existing device to a new user by using the Change Owner action. To assign a new user, navigate to Manage > Devices > select the required device > Actions > Change User. Select the domain from the dropdown menu and choose a user from it. Check the option Delete Old User’s Location History to delete the location history of the device while enrolled with the old user and click Assign to complete the action. This action will not erase any contents on the device. Note that the Change Owner action will remove all user-based restrictions of the old user on the device. However, device-based restrictions will remain associated with the device even after the owner changes.

    As a best practice to reprovision a Mac, perform a wipe action to reset the device to its factory settings and erase all contents. Admins can also reinstall the OS to ensure a clean experience with a new setup.

    Hope that helps you.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM