Apple ID for APNs Certificate

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Hello Hexnode! I am setting up the APN for Hexnode to communicate with iOS devices and I was wondering, why is it that the support related to this process specifies “company Apple ID”?

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  • Well, it is advised to use the company Apple ID. The one you’ve used to configure APNs should be used when you renew the APNs. If you try to renew it using a new Apple ID, you’d have to re-enroll the devices.
    Apple wouldn’t differentiate between a company’s ID and an individual’s ID, but if you use a personal Apple ID and the employee leaves the organization, or you forget the ID, you’d have to use a new Apple ID and re-enroll your fleet of devices.
    For further information, refer the help document on Creating and Renewing APNs Certificate.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM