JSON key for configuring G Suite

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Where can I get the JSON key for configuring G Suite?

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    Hi Ava,

    Happy to answer the query.

    The JSON key gets downloaded while creating a service account. Your organization should have a G Suite account for this.
    Please login to the Google Developers Console using the G Suite admin credential. Click on ‘Create Project’ and create a new one by giving a Project Name. From the navigation menu on the left pane, select API & Services > Credentials > Create credentials >Service account key > New service account.
    Kindly provide the following details:                                                                                                                                      Service account name: Provide a suitable name for the service account.
    Service account ID: Provide a suitable ID for the service account.
    Role: From the drop-down list select Service Accounts > Service Account Admin
    Select the Key type as JSON and click Create. A JSON key will be downloaded.

    Please find the detailed description on the same using the help link. Keep posting!

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM