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I have several Android (Samsung A30s) around the country that accepted a security update and the dropped to safe mode and unusable.  I reset and reloaded Hexnode and our policys and all seemed to be ok.  Over the last few days the Phones went flat and when put back on charge are locked into safe mode and I can’t get them to recover.  The Hexnode does not work in Safe mode. Unfortunately our policy prevents Factory resets and the phones are basically bricked as I can’t uninstall Hexnode from the phones.  I tried to un-enroll one of the phones but obviously as the phones in Safe Mode, Hexnode wont communicate.  I can’t Factory Reset the phones.  Any one have a clue on bypassing this.

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    Zach Goodman


    Hi @tony-casbolttridentservices-com-au, sorry we missed your post earlier. Hope your issue was resolved.

    Safe mode on android devices can be exited by restarting the device. You could check with Samsung as to why the device did not exit safe mode even after a device restart. If the issue was caused by the OS security update, it would be best to let them know of the issue and wait on the next round of updates.

    When an Android device enters Safe Mode, all the apps other than the manufacturer provided apps will be disabled, including the Hexnode app, but the settings already activated by the Hexnode policies might still be active on the device, for example, the Factory Reset prevention setting.

    To prevent such cases from happening, you can disable Safe Mode activation with a Hexnode policy. Follow on to this thread to learn more – Safe Mode. It is a good practice to disable Safe mode, as Safe Mode may disrupt the expected flow of device administration operations and may even allow the users to remove the app (in which case, they’ll be marked ‘Agent removed’ on Hexnode).

    Zach Goodman
    Hexndode UEM

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    Hello Carin,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    The devices will not be disenrolled from Hexnode after rebooting from safe mode. However, Hexnode might disappear from your home screen as safe mode removes some home screen widgets.

    Deborah Timothy
    Hexnode UEM