Alerting of portal or system issues.

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Customers should get an alert within the Admin Portal of any issues which may affect production, also any upcoming updates or system changes should be Alerted and an email should be sent to system admins.

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  • Hello @noel-vega, always a pleasure hearing from you!

    Critical updates and alerts are displayed in the Hexnode UEM portal as banners (when the admin logs in after the portal update). They are also sent as emails to admins.

    Newly released and upcoming features are listed in the portal’s notifications panel. You can click on the bell icon in the header of the Hexnode UEM portal to view the notifications. These notifications will redirect you to Hexnode Connect, where you can learn about the feature in detail.

    Alert banners and notification panels in Hexnode UEM console

    If there are any particular cases you’d like sent as emails, let us know. We’ll discuss it with our team and see what can be done.

    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM