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Advanced Kiosk and iOS Supervision

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    Version : 5.2

    Release date: 23rd March 2017

    Main features

    1. Android enhanced features
    2. iOS Advanced restrictions
    3. Windows 10 support and additional features
    4. Configurator enrollment
    5. Email Notification
    6. No authentication enrollment
    7. Brand customization
    8. Adding multiple technicians
    9. Location tracking enhancement
    10. Self enrollment for local (non AD) users
    11. Forgot password option
    12. Global corporate – personal selection
    13. Trial license flavor selection
    14. Apply license from license manager

    Android Enhanced features

    A lot of new enhancements are introduced in this 5.2 build. The new features in Android include
    • Silent enterprise app installation for SAFE devices
    • Advanced Kiosk settings – WiFi settings, Hiding apps, Setting default apps
    • Email and ActiveSync configuration
    • Wallpaper settings

    The video below shows how the Kiosk mode works


    iOS advanced support

    The Supervised mode restrictions has been added to the iOS policies, separating the restrictions section into two – basic restrictions and advanced restrictions. The advanced restrictions include:
    • Device functionality: Restrictions to AirDrop, App cellular data modifications, removing apps, Book store, Adding or removing touch ID, iMessage, Game center, pairing with iTunes, configuration profile installation, podcasts, definition lookups, predictive keyboards, auto correction, spell check, Apple music services, iTunes radio, news, app installation from devices, keyboard shortcuts and pairing with watch.
    • Security and privacy: restrictions to account modification, erase content and settings, Find my friends, profanity filter, spotlight internet results, restriction enabling, passcode modification, device name modification, wallpaper modification and notification modification.
    • Application configuration: Restrict Automatic app downloads and configure Autonomous single app mode apps.

    The other main Supervision features included are

    • Web content filter
    • Global HTTP Proxy
    • Lock screen message
    • Hide blacklisted apps

    Other iOS features: Wallpaper settings for the device and specific restrictions for the Kiosk mode.

    Wanna know how to supervise an iOS device? This video below will walk you through the process!


    Windows Support

    The new build supports Windows 10 mobile devices. The additional features are

    • WiFi policy – WiFi settings for Windows devices are supported from this build onwards.
    • Remote ring – The device can be made to ring from the MDM console.

    Configurator enrollment

    The iOS devices can be enrolled with configuration profiles using Apple configurator.

    Email notifications

    The events occurring in the device and MDM can be notified to the admin and users via email.

    No authentication enrollment

    A default user can be set in the portal and all the devices will be automatically assigned to the default user. The enrollment will not require any credentials but only the server name.

    Brand customization

    The MDM logo can be customized according to the customer requirements.

    Adding multiple technicians

    More than one technicians can create profiles in the MDM console.

    Location tracking enhancement

    The location check-in feature introduced in this build will enable users to push their current location to the MDM

    Self-enrollment for local users

    The 5.2 build enables self enrollment option for non AD users.

    Forgot password option

    The new “Forgot password” option will help users to obtain a new password to the MDM portal.

    Global Corporate – Personal selection

    The devices can be specified as corporate or personal globally and no need to select the option manually for each enrollment.

    Trial license flavor selection

    During the trial, the user can select and try out each license flavor.

    Apply license from license manager

    The license can be upgraded based on the flavor from the license manager.

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    Nice. I like these features !

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