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My portal is very slow to execute an action. We wanted to change the user for some devices, but the effort is struck on In Progress state. It’s almost been an hour. Has anyone faced this or is there any reason for this?

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  • Hi @Juna, sometimes the status of an action executed on Android devices may show up as ”In Progress” when the end device has been powered on, but the user has not unlocked the device. This state is called the Direct Boot mode, and by default, apps do not run during this state. Therefore, all Hexnode actions executed from the portal will show as ”In Progress” until the device is unlocked. The action will be executed when the user unlocks the device.

    If this does not seem to be the case, you may check if there is more information available for your issue by going to Manage > [Select your device] > Action History. Find your action log and check for an information tooltip beside the action status. Otherwise, if you may also try pressing the sync button from the Hexnode app on the end device, please do not hesitate to contact our support team if any of these methods fail to solve your issue.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

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